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IHF 2014- Our Civil War Years 

July 18-20, 2014

with events throughout the week

Danville, Pa 

What is the Iron Heritage Festival? Danville citizens love their heritage and the stories of how the Danville-Riverside area grew and prospered. The Iron Heritage Festival celebrates this rich history and traditions of our community. The Iron Age, 1829 thru 1950 and Danville, PA are truly synonymous. In 1829, the first Iron foundry was established in Danville to manufacture wagon boxes, plowshares, andirons sadiron and griddles. In 1839-1840 Iron Ore started to be mined locally and in 1840 the first Anthracite furnace to efficiently produce iron was opened in Danville. On Oct 8, 1845, the first T-rail in America was rolled out at the Montour Iron Works, the largest iron manufacturing plant in the United States. The T-rail made it possible for Pennsylvania and America to become the leader in the industrial revolution. This festival is a celebration of America's ingenuity and foresight and is of interest for all of our Nation's citizens!

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Iron Heritage Festival


The Danville Area, in the scenic, beautiful Susquehanna Valley forged the beginning of the United States Industrial Revolution. America's railroads moved people, natural resources, and finished goods, due to Danville's manufacturing of the T-rail. 

  In 1999 a few local historians decided to celebrate the iron heritage of Danville, Montour County Pennsylvania. The first year a small amount of people met in Danville's 'Canal Park' and celebrated the history and the people of the era. From this one (1) day event the IronHeritage Festival has become one of the largest historic festivals in Central PA. The Iron Heritage Festival, with activities encompassing all of the Danville area, is celebrated the third weekend of July every year. In 2002 the committee began 'Heritage Christmas'. The second weekend of December citizens and visitors of Danville can take train rides with Santa, enjoy carriage rides and tour local historic buildings. Other area organizations and Danville's Chamber of Commerce join the festivities with their own activities also.  We hope this website explains not only why we celebrate the IHF but also tells you of our ancestors who help shaped our home, state and nation, of the past Iron Heritage Festivals and of the activities and festivities available to you in the upcoming IHF. Our group of volunteers who form the steering committee work quite hard all year long to bring the bestedu-tainment to central Pennsylvania, but we couldn't do it without the wonderful sponsors who contribute to help make this the best festival throughout the area. Please follow our sponsor's links and learn about the great work they do in the Danville-Riverside area.

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imageWe thank all of you who have supported the IHF with your donations of time and/or money. If you too, would like to help support the IHF please send your donations to the IHF, PO Box 73, Danville, PA. 17821. If you would like to be a sponsor of the Iron Heritage Festival and speak to an IHF representative please call 570-275-6700 or emailDanvillesIHF@aol.com and a member of the IHF Committee will get back to you.