Artisan Information

If you would like to be an artisan at the Iron Heritage Festival, please read


The Artisan encampment is held the Saturday of the IHF each year and the site is on Mill Street.

The hours for artisan participation is 9am to 5pm, rain or shine. We encourage you to bring a canopy to protect from rain or sun. Electricity is not available. Water is available nearby. There will be food vendors in the area where you can buy your lunch and drinks. Policies to demonstrate at the IHF are:

  • The craft MUST be something our ancestors did during the years 1800-1950, nothing more modern.
  • Demonstrators must wear period clothing
  • Demonstrators may sell their ‘craft’ and set up without a fee to the IHF as long as you are demonstrating your craft.
  • We are hopeful an apprentice will join you. The IHF is a learning experience, and we encourage your craft to continue so future generations can enjoy and learn of our ancestors’ lives.

We consider the IHF not only a fun event but also a learning experience for all and we appreciate you helping teach young and old the arts of our ancestors. 

If you meet the above criteria and would like to participated in the IHF or if you have any questions, concerns or feed back, please contact me at or at 570-275-7875. As plans form, please check the IHF website for the events planned!   I am always trying to get other artisans involved in the IHF so I need your help and suggestions. If you know of others that meet the IHF criteria, please contact me so I can discuss the IHF with them.