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Your personalized engraved brick will become a permanent part of our
Watchbox Park. $40 per 4" X 8" Brick or $55 per 8" X 8" Brick

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Watchbox Park


In June of 2003, the committee purchased the Watchbox pictured here from a Danville family of a train enthusiast. This very building was at the railroad crossing at Church St. in Danville for many years. It served as a shelter for the crossing gate man as well as being a social gathering spot for the local men and teenagers. There was even a club called the Watchbox Club with membership cards. This club is once again selling a limited amount of membership cards for those interested!  The Watchbox was placed on a small area on Mill St. in Danville beside the railroad tracks and a small landscaped park, called 'WatchboxPark' has been developed, including brick pavers lining the floor's base. Two different sizes of bricks can be purchased with an inscription to honor a loved one, in memory of a loved one, your family or your association. To purchase a brick for 'WatchboxPark' or membership in the Watchbox Club please contact the IHF or click here.

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